Arizona - Grand Canyon & Red Rock Crossing

Well, as strange as it might seem, after the spectacular sights we had encountered at Zion, Bryce Canyon, Lake Powell and Antelope Canyon, this area was somewhat of a letdown. Perhaps it was partly because we had been there before a number of years ago. It certainly was beautiful, and difficult to grasp the immensity of the landscape, but it had less visceral impact than the other areas we had visited.

Photography here reiterates the necessity of having the right kind of light to get interesting shots. Most of the time, photographs taken at mid-day are flat and featureless, with no depth or warmth. I was fortunate to have good weather for a very nice sunset the day we got there.

I've included a small selection of images from this part of my trip. They are more 'understated' compared to the others, but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless.


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