Egrets Flowers & More

This gallery contains images from a few different locations:

The first images, a series of egret shots, were taken during a visit to the Charlotte Metro Zoo, a small privately owned zoo outside of Charlotte, NC. I hadn't been there before, and wanted to see what photographic potential it might have. It turned out that almost all of the animals were behind two sets of chain-link fences, and shooting opportunities were essentially nil. There was, however, a fairly large pond, completely blanketed with a thick covering of algae, and I spotted a beautiful Great Egret on its shores. I was able to get a few decent images and have included three of them here.

The second set of images were all taken August 4th, at the Reynolda Gardens, in Winston-Salem, NC. I had arranged to meet a couple of fellow D30 owners (Ryan Schlagheck and Chris Florio) there to compare notes and shoot together. We had "met" online at Phil Askey's DPReview site, and elsewhere. The gardens there were quite beautiful, and I'd definitely recommend a visit there if you're in the area. Further information on Reynolda Gardens can be found here.

My ability to identify flowers is also essentially nil, so if you recognize any of the flowers pictured here, please email me, and I'll add the i.d. and naturally give you the credit.

The final 2 shots were taken while I was at Kiawah. My grandchildren were having fun blowing bubbles, and I played around with photographing them. They're not exactly "Nature" shots but I thought they were kind of interesting visually, and included them here just for fun.

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