Pairs & Reflections Gallery

This gallery takes a slightly different approach, grouping the images with a common theme. As I reviewed the shots I had taken, I found a number featuring either a pair of birds, or a single bird with its reflection in the water. I thought it might make an interesting gallery - you be the judge.

These were taken at the shore at Litchfield Beach (SC), Huntington Beach State Park, or Cape Romain. I was only able to take a few shots at this last location. We took a ferry to get to this basically uninhabited island, and planned to spend the whole day hiking and shooting. The weather was exquisite; unfortunately, the bugs liked it too. The mosquitos were extremely thick in the woods, and the sand fleas ate us up as soon as we hit the beach. I managed to get a few shots, using the Canon 100-400L with 1.4x Teleconverter on the monopod, but was unable to set up the tripod for any real shooting. We ended the day there early, but I still came away with a dozen or two mosquito bites on each leg.